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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
Up, up and up it went. Here the Sherpa is cooling off after a tough climb:

... ... ...
Hasta Maņana,
I guess it's not so unusual any more o'days to experience people suddenly cracking up while otherwise intently glued to a computer screen. The times they are a'changin'. Thanks for the needed warmth and comedic relief to the winter doldrums. You've apparently mingled with lots of diverse crowds, including software engineers (and that's a feature, not a bug).

This previous leg here of the journey is sublime. You found some killer roads and killer views. From the photos, I kept thinking I was in Ecuador. It's quite a feeling looking from the side of a ridge SO far down to a river and dots for houses, then looking equally SO far up to the top of the facing slope, and it feels like the stomach is trying to force its way into the thoracic cavity. Then you look at your photo later and it's like, meh, nice view. There's nothing like being there. Encima de su humor, thanks for your encouragement!
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