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I finally got around to setting up the Rally Moto Kit for it's intended purpose! It works so much better than my old setup on my 525, with the roadbook holder, etc., attached to the bars. Steering is super light without the added weight, and more importantly, the ICO and roadbook holder are in the proper position to see easily.

Testing it out, and also testing out Rally Navigator created roadbooks...

The other day I ran down the highway for awhile to check out some trails I hadn't been on. I ended up on some stupid gnarly stuff, but the kit and rally stuff wasn't even noticed. And then when I was done, cranked up the heated gear and cruised back up the highway in comfort. The ultimate D/S bike, IMHO. And it looks good too.

Sorry... no more ride reports in your thread.

Please don't ever let me ride your 500. kthxbye
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