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Originally Posted by Unstable Rider View Post
one of those no right or wrong answer things, so I don't mean to start a war.
exacly, it's just a nice train of tought to see what the techiques are at our disposal and how to make the best adventage of it.
In the end I did just fine with my laptop last time and if those tablets didn't exist i would do it again without question.
Nice to see what works for other people and maybe learn a thing or two while we're at it, no right or wrong answers, old school has its place in this discussion. :)

I come from a movie-industry background where people are also faced with these questions all the time, be it on a vastly different scale :)

And i shoot raw for just about anything except stuff like timelapses (=postproduction hell/waste of space) ... and i have my reasons, but that's another topic :P basicly this thread is "i have the huge amount of data, what to do with it" :)

Which brings us back to the SD card thing, which is just fine, but having to buy over 10 32gb SD cards would put it in the pricerange where there are other solutions at hand
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