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Originally Posted by PsychoChem View Post
Yeah it's the Contour GPS Camera. The only issue they need to fix is the lack of editing software for the videos. They only can do playback with their GPS stuff so to get the video to look like that I am having to screen-cap it as I play it back on my computer.
Too bad the video is so choppy. The GPS feature is great. Nice job on the video.

I took a few pics yesterday after turning the GPS feature on on my camera. I figured how to get that to work now and it will be an easy way to map out the dirt roads on a ride by taking a pic of them as I fly by. That way, I will have a picture/GPS log of the dirt roads that I have ridden on or passed by during a ride. This method should simplify road selection when laying out a proposed route on the GPS the night before a ride and keep a custom map of found dirt roads.
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