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Originally Posted by gbtw View Post
Well i must be honest since you wanted to do the definitive end all test to stop the bullshit and do some hard science i became extremely interested in your results . You wanted to baseline and then tune, hopefully not just for more power. I am very interested in getting the bike to perform better economicly and remove this fucking surging because its a pain in the ass. Power increase to me is not that important, i would rather have a nice smooth bike, it goes as fast as it should already.

I want science, not raving reviews that show's the surge in the rpm band and it gone. I want information about how much the fuel/air mixture changes at what rpm. Adding +6 percent to everything is but a hack solution. A workaround rather than a true fix.
That's why i made my cheeky post and hoped you would fall for it.
I am in full agreement of what you say..... I truly are. I was just eluding to the boosterplug, as it is a band aid, more so than adressing the real problem.... imho. OK I am not wanting to bash the BP, because as a band aid stops the bleeding, the BP does cure the monkey hop.... I just dont like the way it does it. But back on track. To work the BP on the dyno, has no real interest for me, as it would just cost more for me, and I have no interest in it. Even as it originates from my home country of DK...... I am how ever considering to fork out the extra few hundreds of $ it would take to begin with a stock system as a base line for the first dyno run, then header, or perhaps header and pipe, then pc-5 with AT....then lastly airbox off. Or so is the plan. There are some method to the madness, as this could be a usefull package solution to all the 8gs around the world. As if this works out as forcasted, pc's could be programed by Epic motorsports/Sisneron Speed Works, along with the at, and shipped out to customers...... If EMS/SSW decides to play along. I am sure I will get to the bottom of this...... I just need to decide how low I want to start.....With the dyno config.

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