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Originally Posted by Beemerboff View Post

Seems an easy way round the charge light problems some folks were having.

It is a great idea and a great way to have some indication of charging performance.... I had an earlier version of this idea that had a black box and four colors (red orange green red), but unfortunately it didn't last long and iirc it was about $30 so I wasn't anxious to replace it....

BUT it would not solve the charge-light problems. The charge-light on the airheads has to have an "incandescent" (i.e. regular old fashioned) bulb because it is designed as part of the alternator excitation circuit.... the same thing CAN be done with a resistor. In function, the bulb "compares" voltage and lights up if voltage on one side (alternator/vr output) is lower than the other (battery voltage).

So yes, technically you could use an LED but only if you have that resistor that makes it part of the circuit....

Great little unit though, gonna have to find me-self one..... !!! Thanks for the heads up!

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