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OK, so early this morning we set off on our first road/dirt ride together.
How much more fun it is to just get on your bike and drive to the gas station. I could even nod at the cop without looking for the best get away route at the same time!! I can like this...

The plan was to go on a short ride so Jnr could familiarize himself with the TTR. We headed to the train tracks and used the service road to wind through the local farms. The route would take us to Swinburne from where we would head north easterly to circle town. Around 80km and a 2 hour ride.

Riding along the tracks.

Even though we started the ride with sunshine, the clouds quickly started to roll in. It was clear that if we should do the full loop that we might end riding in the rain. Not a problem for me, as I actually love wet dirt, but I was not that sure Jnr would find it as much fun.

It was easy going. The service roads are all used by locals so were in reasonable condition. That was until we got to this bridge. Nothing much, but for the fact that the gate to route you around it was locked. Again not a problem, we'll just ride over the bridge....

But this is where the day went kinda pear shaped. The steel floor was rusted out, and as I was riding over the sleepers, I found that the space between them was exactly the size of the an X Challenge's rear wheel. It was also at this time that I found that the X Challenge is not exactly in the same weight division as our old motocrossers!! This thing is a PIG if you are tired, thirsty, and have to manhandle it over a flowing river with just rusted steel between you and the water.

Yes, my name is Snr , and I am Jackass...

Much blood and sweat later we were on the other side!!

Not sure why this stupid bridge looks so small in the pictures. Dragging that stupid X over it it felt like it was miles long!!

From here on it was smooth sailing again...some places had standing water from the recent rain...

....but we could just cruise along enjoying the scenery...

How is that for taking you back to the past, 1990 to be precise. AXO jersey in dayglo green. I had the matching Dayglo pink/green/yella Alpinestars boots and way funky pants too...but thankfully they did not survive.

We got to the turn off and Jnr said he had no desire to gamble riding in the rain, so we slabbed it back home....did I mention how much fun it is to have a road legal scoot...

Not many pictures, and not that big a ride, but an important one, as today another adventure rider was born!!

Till next time.

I'm Snr , he is Jnr , and this is Jackass ....
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