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So this weekend was all about getting ready to get the frame sand blasted and powder coated black :)
I eventually got the bearing races out - yes it was hard. Looking over the frame to make sure all looked good in terms of welds being solid and dents etc. No dents which was great, but there was a weld with a slight crack, so I opened the weld up to re-do it and make sure it was all good!

weld opened up:

So i needed to start practising welding, because i needed to weld the above joint closed and i also wanted to add a seat support brace...

So i practised and felt pretty happy with my efforts:

Then I cut and added my brace at the same time, shutting that broken weld off:

I was in a metal-making good mood so I made a cheeky license plate holder as well - its made out of 3mm aluminium. I will either have those retaining bolts for the plate that had the LED's in them, or I will get a light mounted under the seat that shines on the plate:

With an old plate that came with the bike to show size - the plate slid down a bit but its a perfect match. I was going to just have a "strip" to hold the plate at the two top mounting bolts but decided to go the whole hog

and then this morning - OFF TO THE SAND BLASTERS!! costing me $120 to get done...then about the same for powder coating.
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