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save the karoo!
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Originally Posted by morabo View Post
the original link doesn't work anymore (due to the music licence...) so I'm posting it again only with the engine sound:

Originally Posted by lukeinlondon View Post
GREAT VIDEO nice skills..what helmet and tires setup do you have?
Thanks and sorry for a late response.
Helmet is AGV AX8, it's the best one one I ever had or even tried. Perfectly shaped for my head, 1,1kg, carbon-kevlar, fabulous ventilation.
The tire setup in the video is front MCE Karoo and rear Mitas e09. I was testing the Mitas but it didn't convince me at all and I still prefer the original Karoo. Which btw is now seriously threatened - see the fb page in my signature.
The Mitas isn't that bad in off-road, however it has significantly less side grip compared to the Karoo. But it's really scary on colder (below some 12 degrees C) or on the wet tarmac... With my riding style both of the tires last more or less the same which means, that the "elephants" win safely.
Please help us saving the MCE Karoo!
For those who want to know how my daily ride to work looks like ;-) :
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