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Eek Uhh, you did what?

Several notes to self here...

a) When you're done reading your plugs, reinstall them per usual and oh, don't forget to reconnect the plug wire on #1 before hitting the starter. The bike will sound strange, feel stranger, and have you going, "WTF is wrong now? Feels like it's on one cylinder."

b) If you're going to use up the last "dibble" in the Seafoam can, kindly see to a pair of important facts. Those being 1) the "dibble" is really half a can and 2) there's more than a gallon of gas in the tank. If you don't, the exhaust will look like a Cuban smoke shop is doing business in the pipes. Did this a few days ago. OTOH, it has never run so smooth!

c) A Work Sharp 221 will take your Leatherman Wave's serrated blade from "can't cut mustard" to "cuts with a wish." Use your thumb to trip the liner lock, but get that finner out of the way before you snap the blade shut. Lest the aforesaid piece of toothed cutlery remove a dime-sized volume of tissue from the pad of your phalanx, right down through and transecting the sub-q. Bleeding? Yes, yes there was.
I've never seen rubbing alcohol turn Hot-Rod Red that fast before.

To the inmates: buy a Work Sharp 221. It is compact enough for a tank bag, handy on anything from pen knives to axes, and when they say "shave sharp in minutes" they aren't kidding. Best $30 I've spent in the past year. Instructions are rolled up under the rough diamond plate. Read them, and you can sharpen anything.

d) When you're done playing with the zoom-zoom, use those two glassy spheres in the front of your head and LOOK at the ignition. See that black-capped stick with the two little silver sticks on a ring? Those are called "keys." Ignore them, go inside the house, and go about getting dishes n' stuff done. When the motor suddenly fires up two hours later, it will scare you shitless that some inbred, half-ganked felon is trying to steal your baby. Storm outside with a bat to wallop that hood-rat into the ICU. Instead of a toothless, cracked-out vagrant in the saddle, it's really the neighbor boy. This kid -- all by his nine year old self -- figured out the petcock, choke, kill switch, ignition, and starter button. See? Keys = important.
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