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Scouting Ride

I have access to a piece of property across the road but I haven't ridden there much in the last couple of years. Since most of my "at home" riding is alone, I usually ride in my backyard or in the adjacent woods. Now that I have a local riding buddy (who wasn't available today), it's time to ride there again. About 8-10 years ago, my neighbor and I cut a ~1.5 mile tight single track loop for our dirt bikes and it's almost completely undetectable. I was able to pick through it a couple of years ago, but between new growth and downed tress, it's almost gone.

Anyway, I poked around in one open area where I like to play and explored around some other areas. There's a lot that can be ridden now and a lot that will just need a little bit of machete work. Some of it is barely passable now and completely impassable in the spring/summer. I'm looking forward to getting some areas ridden in before the green starts to grow again.

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