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Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Woo Hoo!!! My Yamaha lives again

Not sure what the problem was, might have just been a loose connection. After fiddling with things for a while I got a strong spark again, put in some fresh gas and it fired right up.

Found a good used lower tripple clamp to replace my bent one on ebay so need to put that on now. Frame is still tweaked but hopefully it will still ride straight, won't kno until I get it back together and ride it. Worst case this will be my new woods bike and I will find another one to be the new rally bike.

So, as long as work doesn't get in the way I should make it to Sandblast.

Good news Doug, glad it was an easy fix!

Been working on my 690 this weekend and I'm almost ready for SB.

Just say'IN
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