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02/19/2012-Back to Cali, Colombia and meetup with Adam, and Alain and his family

The plan was at this point to meet back up with Adam Lewis aka JediMaster from ShortWayRound fame and work on the bikes at the best motoshop in all of Colombia @ Asturias with Jorge and company while staying in Cali with one of the great legends of SA motorbike community Cali Alain and his wonderful family for the few days we would be working on the bikes getting the sorted for their next go arounds.

I was very happy to have a great place to spend the night with Larry and his family even though he already had guests he found me a wonderful spot to layover for the night. I would have loved to stay longer and do a couple more loops but the deadline for getting to Venezuela was drawing too near so I had to take off the following morning

Thanks Larry, I truely grateful to have had a great place to stop over and great company

I loaded all my gear up in the handy community shopping basket carts and rolled all my gear back to the bike to load up for the short trip back up to Cali on familiar roads.

I said my goodbyes to Larry and his brother in law/business partner from Cali IIRC:

Got kinda of a late start from Larry's casa leaving at 10:37 CST for Cali. I was back on familar roads and recognized many of my past stops and have an uneventul ride coming back to Cali. On this road you leave the mountains behind and get into the big farmlands on the way back up to Cali, makes for some easy straightline riding good for listening to music and taking photos from the road, more than twice cars would come around me and then take a double take and slow back up for a photo, I just smile and wave, was a good day to travel on a bike. As the roads straightened out the closer I got to Cali I kicked the legs out over the front pelican boxes and played with the camera.

It was very nice coming back to Cali, a place I felt like I knew well as I'd been over most of the town in the places that I needed to be and was very comfortable in the city.

Nice wide streets perfect for passing through all the traffic

It was a pleasure to ride into town that day knowing that I be meeting up with old friends and surely see some new ones at Casa Blanca as it sits at the bottom of the funnel of Colombia for the majority of the motorbikers traveling South.

Lots of bikers in town that day, even had a woman named Doris from Germany traveling solo on a F650 bm, that's her bike on the left of this photo with Adam surrounded by other travelers bikes:

We talked with a few of the other bikers and then took of to get sorted at Alain's place where we got the bikes sorted out down below:

The I had to rebefriend the chocalate lab named Cafe, sort of

Then almost out of nowhere a rouge member of the very dangerous splinter group, the MCC or Midget Cali Cartel stormed the place and took Adam hostage This freaking Colombia is dangerous as hell

After some tense talks his release was negociated without loss of life I was even able to become an honorary member of the group:

Turns out is was only Alain's youngest Matias who stormed the compound as the rouge agent of terror, Cafe was powerless to defend us:

We went on to the important conversations over beers and cigarettes that lasted late into the evening hours before dinner was served:

I got showered and cleaned up and was having a good time

Had the first of many wonderful meals at Alain's house, this one prepared by Paola as Vanush was off for the night, I always enjoyed the meals as Alain was full French we always had good cheese prior to each meal.

Tonight we rest well, Adam and myself sharing a pullout sofa, and tomorrow we begin the refitting of the bikes at Jorge's great shop Asturias over the next few days.

Good to be back in Cali with good friends. As much as I really love Medellin I seem to feel a little more at home in Cali, seems smaller to me, and think myself more of a better Calino than as a Piasa, but Medellin is still a wonderful place with many nice people that I love to visit
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