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Back to the Motor

When I left off on the motor, the cylinder was installed, but the head, rocker box and cover were just mocked into place;

After taking it back down to the cylinder and carefully rechecking all details, reassembled and used spray copper-coat on all gaskets. For cam installation I wanted the head and cylinder firmly in place, so used the outer perimeter studs and nuts to hold them down. With head and rocker box installed, time to slip the cam into place, but first the sprocket has to be slipped into place (the t-handle is there just in case I dropped the chain before getting it wrapped around the sprocket);

Now the cam, but which one? Because these motors were already a hodge-podge of parts, a little measuring might reveal one of the cams with a little more lift;

Cam #1 @ 1.44"

Cam #2 @ 1.54", bingo!

Ruh Roh! The bigger fatter camshaft did not want to go throught the sprocket without hanging up on the bottom of the rocker box. After several tries and even a rest break, I decided to try Cam #1. It went in like a hot knife through warm butter. Grrrrr. So here is where is I stopped for the day;

At this point I looked at the cam sprockets to see if one of them had a bigger opening then the other, but on first glance they appear the same, and also have the same part number. I did a bit of reading on the internet and there is some chatter about high lift cams requiring different sprockets, so I'll have to explore that option. I also considered grinding a small relief in the bottom of the rocker box to allow the cam snout to pass, but first I'll check in with CB350 racing guru Mr Fast and see what advice he might have.
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