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Fuel Reserve Odo, F700GS

As you know, when the fuel light comes on the miles ridden on reserve are supposed to start counting up from zero. Mine has stopped doing this.

I took a quick look at visible connections and can't seem to find anything loose or disconnected, but I have not taken anything apart.

I also looked in the owners manual thinking I may have inadvertently turned this feature off, it does not look like that is an option.

A few weeks ago I took a little spill at a slow rate of speed. The bike itself never actually hit the ground, the crash bars took the entire impact, not a scratch on the bike with the exception of a bent shift lever.

I mention taking the tumble because I can't say for sure if I noticed it before or after the incident.

Anybody else have this issue or maybe point me in the direction to look for a problem? I will be dropping it off at the end of the week for a tire install, I intend on making sure the light is on when I get there.
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