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Originally Posted by Bobmws View Post
I have a question on the swaybar, perhaps better directed to Claude.
Are the arm lengths equal, and the attachment points equidistant from the axle center on each wheel, or can the preload be adjusted to create a 'balance' in the actual travel?
Additionally, will camber adjustment affect the swaybar settings?
If you are planning on a swaybar for a hannigan it is a little different deal than what has been pictured here. We have done ouur swaybars on them and have used hannigan's type also. Our swaybar on a hannigan requires the sidecar body to be jacked up or have the swaybar run through the body. The arms do not have to be equal. The arm position (angle of the arm) is crtical as is the placement of the heim end linkcage. This is more critical with a rea rmount swaybar...and then things do change a little more on a hannigan as they do not use a front pivot swingarm on the sidecar except for their high performance sidecars. Lots of variables need to be addressed. Feel free to call me if you wish,

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