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so what is the drill on Fridays at these things? I fly to Dallas this Thursday and will have Friday to do whatever I want. are the pits open on Fridays? do they ride the track on Fridays?
If you want to meet a rider, find out what shop they will be at on Friday night. If you want to see a rider in the pits (bring a Monster can to get in free) find out what you need to do to get a ticket. Don't believe the TV hype about the "Party in the Pits" If you want an autograph for a top rider you need a ticket to get in line. Last year at St Louis Honda gave out the tickets at 9:00am at the front gates. My daughter was bummed she didn't know that but a lady came up to us and said she had an extra ticket. Worked out good for her. I noticed for San Diego KTM sent out a Tweet that said "San Diego race fans! Tickets for Red Bull KTM autograph signing handed out at team rig in 5mins. First 100 ppl to show up get tickets!!" If you don't have to ticket you can't get in line. If you like big crowds you'll love the pits. I don't, so I pass on them now. And you will miss most of the practice standing in line.

The other thing we do at Indy is make a reservation at a restaurant close by for 5:00 or so, that way we can eat real food for about the same price as a hotdog and drink and be done eating with plenty of time to get back to the stadium. From about 4:30 till 6:30 there is nothing going on to miss. I don't know if that would work in Dallas or not.

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