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Salento and off to Buga

So from Casa Kiwi to the Mi Rey to this place.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

All very reasonalably priced and all a little more Gucci that I am use to or expected while traveling. This moto travel stuff of making me soft.

Hard to get good pics but it is a very cool old colonial building.

Found this guy in the Jacuzzi. He was done swimming I think. I didn't even know there were scorpions in Colombia

Overlooking Salento.

This guy joined us for the hike and then on the way back down he stopped back at the little shop where we found him. He was a funny dog.

The reason I bring up this dog is because in Colombia you see very few starving dogs and a lot more big dogs. In central America there were lots of stray small starving dogs. It is nice to see healthy animals and I take it as a sign of a place being more economically stable. All be it a small sign but a sign none the less. Colombia seems to have many areas that are doing quite well.

Off to Buga!!
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