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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
Forgive me but there is ONE Montana routing question nobody has answered here... and I am still hoping to have an answer in this thread, so that I can quote it in the new routing thread as a fact to build on.


My question is...

After a route is on a Montana, how can you tell if you have Shaping Points on it or Via Points? I mean based on my earlier distinction between the 2 in BaseCamp, once it is on the Montana how can you which ones are Via Points vs. Shaping Points? What specifically are you looking at on the Montana?
Indirectly, I suppose. (Caveat: I do not number a Montana among my many Garmin devices.) If you can edit a route on the Montana the Via points would show up in the list. Shaping points would not show up in that list.

Just to clarify (confirm) a related issue; "Direct" means exactly, and only, to connect the dots (points) "as the crow flies". Do NOT try to follow any roads which may be in the path.

This definition applies to *everything* ... to Mapsource and Basecamp on the PC and to *all* Garmin navigation devices. Regardless what maps you have selected.

Just as you surmised from your testing. Eg. the Direct profile essentially tells the PC program or the nav device "Do not do any routing, regardless whether routing data is available."

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