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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Open loop doesn't preclude this stuff; in fact, I think many of the aftermarket systems like the PCV require going open loop. Whether the stock or modified system is better in the qualities you mention is open to question since we don't have a US tune bike yet. And I don't know how much attention this bike will get from aftermarket tuning specialists. Fuel mileage will probably go down a bit.

My guess is that you can bolt on this system and the bike will run fine. Whether it will run better/worse than stock with/without aftermarket turning, hard to say at this point.

- Mark
Ah...Thanks, Mark.

Gas Mileage doesn't concern me too much. I mean, it's already in the 40's. It's my guess the cb1100, like most modern engines, is tuned on the lean side. I'm just wondering how you go about richening the mixture when they put on a high flow exhaust.

Guess I'll have to wait...
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