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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
While I agree with most of what you've said, I have to disagree that the personal trainer is only as important as the suspension guy or a tire changer.

A personal trainer deals with a lot of mental issues like motivation and attitude, both of which are needed to properly train and race. A trainer also deals with stuff from sleep to food, how hard to train, and how much rest between training and races.
I'm pretty sure Dungey doesn't have a personal trainer of any sort. He may just have a nutritionist helping him with his diet. I know he didn't while he was riding for Suzuki because "he didn't need anyone telling him to stay in shape." That may have changed now that hes with KTM. If your motivated to win you don't need someone telling you to work out. A little research will let you find the right way to train and which muscle groups for what you're doing. Most people just have a hard time getting off their lazy ass to exercise 6 hours a day (like me).

I don't think the layout was to blame for the poor passing. Like all of the riders were saying it was slick under the top layer of dirt. It really forced them to find a few different ways to pass though. I'm amazed the track workers can keep the right moisture in the track at all for grip. Its stacked right on top of concrete so its either wet and muddy or dries out quick since there's no real base to hold moisture. Its nice to see the track conditions changed up once and a while anyway. Besides that every track is going to be mostly one lined... they all choose the fastest one.
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