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Well I'm going to try and revive this bike. I don't think I said it before in this thread, I think because I bought it soon after I posted this thread, but I got a '91 DR350. I absolutely love it! However now I'd like someone to ride the trails with, and most of my friends don't have motorcycles. So I figure I will try to get the TS250 back up and running. I figure it's ugly and tough enough that it shouldn't matter too much when it gets dropped.

I'm going to tear into the engine when it warms up. Not sure what I will see... a hole in the piston, scored walls, etc. Like said earlier, it may have leaned out, or maybe the lack of oil eventually did it in. I put hundreds of hard miles on it though. Including almost half of them going down steep logging roads in 1st or 2nd gear, using the engine to brake. Is that a bad thing to do on 2 strokes?

Where can I find this oiler? I looked on bikebandit's diagrams and saw the oiler, but not sure where it is on the engine. I'm pretty sure the oil tank isn't there, or at least I haven't seen it. Not sure if the pump is there or not. So just to double check, mixing the oil with the gas is 100% not acceptable correct?

I need to fix some other things before I let anyone else ride it.. My kill switch hasn't worked in years, the choke/whatever thing that is on the top is half assed and probably lets dirt into the carb, it needs a new fuel tank (has one off an 80cc), the rear brake linkage is made up of threaded rod... the chain skips on the sprockets if give hard throttle, etc.. Basically it's a death trap and needs to be fixed. If anyone has any of these parts, especially the fuel tank, I would be interested in buying them.

I figured I could spend about $500 on a spare bike, but I think it makes more sense to fix up my TS. It really has been a good bike. I should be able to get it back to a safe condition for a few hundred.

Kind of just talking out loud here.. but still curious if the oil pump is required and if anyone has a fuel tank or other parts also. I will probably start a future thread on something when I run into a problem. I have a video of it running here.. excuse the ugliness of it. What kind of swingarm is this? I have not seen one with this type before.

Not sure how to embed a youtube video here, but here is the link:
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