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Yep that's the big advantage of the AT, at no cost in dyno time you can generate as many maps as you wish.

BUT, and IMHO it's a big but, unless they have redesigned the PCV since we installed ours in the Guzzis (about 3 years ago) you can't use the Auto Tune and the map switching function of the PCV at the same time, it's one or the other.

If you want to use the AT to account for changing atmospherc and other engine conditions all the time then changing the target AFR map requires an upload from a computer to the PCV. Without the AT running you can have 2 maps stored in the PCV and switch between them via a handle bar mounted switch, but you then don't have the benefit of the auto tune's continuous adjustment of the mixture according to varying conditions.

It's a steep learning curve - or at least it was for me
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