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Originally Posted by kimokk View Post
Do you use the trip meter between gas fill ups? I start looking for a gas station around 250 miles on the trip meter. Don't rely on the miles to go computer read out.
250? On a GS, not a GS ADV? To get 250 I'd probably be walking the last 10, and that's on a good tank full. My "reserve" light comes on anywhere between 130 and 200 miles depending upon speed, wind, and elevation. 190 miles is typical. 130 was fighting a headwind in the desert while riding at 85 MPH.

When the light comes on it usually reads about 40~44 miles to empty. The tank nominally holds 5.2 gal.... I once put in 5.1 gal with the miles to go odo saying I had 12 miles left to empty. Either I over filled the tank by a lot or the miles to go was over estimating.
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