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Here's an idea for you

First, I offer my sympathy that you have been the victim of vandalism
perpetrated by a cowardly 4$$h0le.

I'd go back again with a couple of big strong buddies, a video camera,
and some appropriate personal protection gear, and ride off and then
sneak back and wait in the bushes for the guy who did it to come back
and do it again. Video them in the act of slashing tires again and you'd
have a slam-dunk court case and all of your buddies could go after the
perpetrator for damages and lost wages etc. An arrest would be guaranteed,
and it sounds to me like the damages incurred the first time were sufficient to
secure a felony conviction, though I do not know the law on this in your state.

On the other hand, if this area is close to a drug smuggling route and that's why
they don't want you riding around out there, you could find yourself facing some
dangerous people. Obviously it's your call what you decide to do.


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