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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
are you a total noob or just a newbie to rain?

big difference ... most replies are from experienced riders. if you are a total noob to riding... do yourself a favor and get used to your bike dry before doing much time in the rain.
Nah I have been riding a year give or take just happen to have a car so when it rains I drive.
Also I don't have all the proper rain gear so another reason I just drive my car. Riding is just so much more fun and as I mentioned in an earlier reply I am trying to plan a cross country trip for summer and rain certainly won't stop it.

Honestly I am not scared to ride in rain, at this point it is mainly just don't have the gear and do have a car. The question just came to mind today because it was raining and I know there are riders of all types and skill levels on here to offer opinions.
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