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Okay I did another quick search on a for sale website and found 8 c90's listed throughout the whole country, and a few look downright awesome. And the good news is the most expensive one is only 10,000 pesos (784 USD). You're in luck!

And yes labor costs are pretty low, but with that comes varying degrees of quality of labor. There's a running joke down here that all the good skilled laborers are in the US and we're left with the rest (my wife told me that joke, and she's Mexican so I don't wanna hear it from the PC crowd). As the saying goes, it's hard to find good help. It seems to be particularly hard to find a mechanic (for bike or car)) that I trust and like. I can go on for hours about that but I will spare you.

Link to the C90's

As for the bringing of one vehicle each, that does ring a bell, although there are always ways... For example, I bought a bike in the US once that a friend sold to me. The bike had Florida plates and registration, I picked it up in Laredo from a different mutual friend and crossed the border with it. Once in Nuevo Laredo I imported the bike in my wife's name (she was 2,000 miles away in Mexico City) and rode it home, where I went to the local DMV and registered and plated the bike in my name.

There are always ways. I could go to the US and ride your bike across, import it in my wife's name and deliver it to your home in Mexico, where you then go and register and plate it in your name again. Import price depends on cc size and make/model of bike. I paid 8,000 pesos (627USD) in 2010 to import a 1995 BMW 1100GS.
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