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battery and other things

I found a laptop battery at a recycle store for 5$. it was approx 14 volts. I figured it would be worth buying in the attempt to make a dry cell small system for my bike. I got it home, broke it open, and found that it had 8 3.7 volt rechargable cells. They were dual series ( I think that's what it's called) then paralleled for a total of 3.7X4. I cut the circuit board away from it, and soldered on leads, directly. I am charging it on a 12v 600ma trickle charger. So far so good! the cells are taking the charge and are up to around 10 volts. I will charge it overnight and then check again. I figure I can attach this very compact battery system to a place just inside the right hand sidecover. May not work, but I think it will.

I have found several more parts bikes including one for sale in the Medford area listed on Craigslist. Haven't bought another one though.

Enjoying the journey: current goal is to title/tag during my spring break which comes up in early March. Every day I want to go ride, but with the thicker oil, the temperature hovering around 40, and not being street legal, the effort really isn't worth it. Once I get at least 2 of those 3 things in my favor I'll ride ;)
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