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I bought my bike just before winter, have been driving in nothing but rain, heavy winds, last week even a tiny bit of snow.

I completly lost self esteem (and the trust in my front tire) after I pulled off the highway cause I couldn't even see the lights of the car in front of me, and then, on a roundabout the front tire of my 990 was suddenly gone. I managed to keep it upright though. Was more luck then skill anyway...

I am still not sure what happend, maybe there was a patch of oil, maybe I went in too fast, but like I said it took me weeks before I dared to lean deep into corners again.

Yesterday however, was the first dry day that I was not working since weeks, felt like months even. And eventhough temperatures were arround freezing I really enjoyed driving on a dry road, helped me to regain self esteem and practice my skills.

I will get rid of the scorpions though, concidering a conti trailattack tire, hope that will give me some better grip on wet days.
Tire's make all the difference.
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