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Originally Posted by ferals5 View Post
There is a new one in town.....

c'mon mate post pics

or better still bring it around and i'll make sure it's not a dud
Well it's certainly not a dud

Short ride on bitumen & dirt... and I like it. I am on ballerina tippy toes when mounted but I don't ride draggin my feet so that's ok The donk is very smooth with none of the vibes that my single spark Dakar has. Steering is nice and will certainly put some super sports to the sword in the twisties
With the longer opt screen I had wind noise around the bottom of helmet so maybe the short arse screen would suit me better (when i get my winning lotto ticket). The plastics over the radiator seem fragile but time will tell.
It's a steel framed/swingarmed X-bike but it certainly doesn't feel heavy...but I didn't have to pick it up either...
SelfService costs will be the same as mine given both the air/lube filters are the same, not sure on the fuel filter though .

Overall...built to a price point and well done mr BMW...err I mean mrs Huskyvarna

Davo your black bit is missing?
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