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Originally Posted by streakerfreak View Post
My 2010 KLX250s bought new with 1 mile on it in May 2011 has breathed its last breath with over 50k on the odometer.

It was my only means of transportation so now I am scrambling to figure out what my next step is. I will let everyone know if I start parting it out. Which seems so far to be the most logical route.
Sorry to hear about your bike streakerfreak! Wow you sure had a lot of miles on it though - I'm betting 90% of the bikes will see those #'s.

My odometer went out a couple months ago with 54,000 KM on the clock. I know I did 7 stock gas tanks when I bought it before I got it fixed and in the last two months I've done 23 Acerbis 4 gallon (Mine really is 4 - not 3.7) since then. The previous owner used it as a daily driver for 2 years before that but had taken the odometer off the bike so no idea.

So my useage has been:
54,000KM - 5,000 KM that was on the odometer before the original owner disconnected it = 49,000 KM.
+ aprox. 1,200 KM before I fixed the odometer; + another 6,000 KM over the past few months

= Aproximately 56,000 KM I've put on the bike.

It would be really easy for the previous owner to have put 24,000 KM on in 2 years as he didn't have a car/any other vehicle which would put my bike at aprox 80,000 KM or about the same as yours.

However, at 29,600 KM on my odometer I installed the BB 351 kit and replaced the timing chain and clutch. (That was the stock clutch and I've done a HD clutch since then.)

What I'm really impressed with is I've got a little over 30,000 KM on the 351 kit with no issues. (I've never got the jetting right though on the new carb but that's just because I'm not too bright with those things, haven't had the time to try ((it's my daily driver)) and here in Malaysia the mechanics aren't so good at "fine tuning" though they are great at jurry rigging something if they don't have the parts to get something not running running!)

It's running fine now, and while I'd be bummed if it died tommorow, I wouldn't have the right to complain. This is pretty good for a dirt bike!
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