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Originally Posted by ;20695447
Any advice on how one person can get the rear wheel in the air? Front?

I have a 690 too.
Hi thorinoakenshield,

Basically you set the Trail Stand to a level that will get the rear or front wheel about and inch off the ground, each bike is different and once you find that lever you can mark the extension rod with a sharpie for something like that to give you a good starting point, it still may vary a bit on different surfaces.

To lift the rear, after using the front brake strap to lock the front brake with the front wheel turned all the way to the left, I usually stand by the rear wheel looking forward and use my hip to knudge the bike over on the kickstand while I grab a hand hold on the left rear subframe area and slip the Trails Stand (with the height already set) under the foot peg area. The 690 looks like a bit of a challenge to find a good spot where it cant slip since there isn't a regular frame. Maybe even a spot on the front of the swingarm might be better, remember you want to make sure it cannot slip out, unless the bike is lifted off of it. Again the front brake strap locks the front wheel and helps stability significantly, ALWAYS use it.

To lift the front turn the wheel to the left with the bike in gear and kneel on one leg, your right leg, under the handlebar, push STRAIGHT UP on the right side handle bar and slip the Trail Stand into a good spot in a skidplate like the pic above. When lifting the front especially, the more vertical the bike the more stable it will be with the front wheel in the air. Like I have shown above a "spacer" like board or a flat rock can help this stability dramatically, depending on the bike. The user always needs to decide the best method of use for safety, sometimes it may take help by a friends foot, or big rock, on the right side of the rear wheel to stop the bike from wanting to rotate around the kickstand.

These are both easier than they sound, it takes a lot of words to describe pretty simple movements. And if you are riding with a friend it is alway easier for them to stand on the left and grab the area near the back of the seat and tip the bike to the left while you place the stand under the footpeg area, or another good spot to hold up the rear wheel.

I am down to only a few Trail Stands left, the next run is due back from the plater later next week, just to let people know.
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