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If you dont have a real heat gun, Harbor Freight sells one for like 7 bucks. You will find more uses for one once you have it. Warm em up and they will come right off. Clean up any residue with goo gone or wd 40, then degrease with some common alcohol, not the kind ya drink Let the aluminum cool a little while before you wipe it down. Don't use paper towels, they can scratch cause of the wood fiber in em. Go with an old sock or something.

Note about heat guns:

Most have an internal thermostat. If your heat gun ever mysteriously wont turn on, think-- did I just use it a couple times repeatedly?

Put it in the freezer for a couple minutes, it will reset the internal safety.

I used to use them at work, and I kept two of them handy, so one could cool if it overloaded.

Great post, and BTW, those are the finest cans on the planet, IMO.
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