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Adventure 990R LED lighting

09' 990R aux lighting choice. I chose to go with a Baja Designs 4 LED light bar.

Baja Designs makes first class dependable gear. I have used their lights on five bikes without fault or failure. I looked at lots of different lights for my 990R and decided to "Go with what I know." The question was, two quads mounted on the crash bars or the 8" bar under the OEM head light. The light bar was different, fit well with the lines of my bike, and tucked in perfect for a protected mount. There is enough clearance between the light and the light fender, no problem. The only downside to the power cord that exits the light body out the left end.

I decided to fabricate my mounts using 1.5 mil Kydex. I have used Kydex to make many things from side panels, to Kukri sheaths, and heat shields. Good stuff that is easy to work with. You just need a heat gun. (hair dryer on steroids)

The BD bar has a dimmer function. 50% or 100% at the flick of a button. The BD wiring harness was not cheap, and it is not made cheap either. Quality wire, sheathing, and connections throughout. It works great. I made a mount for the dimmer button from, you guessed, Kydex.

I used an on/off switch from Highway Dirt Bike fitted with my Beefy "Big Bike" hand guards and top clamp set up. I like their stuff too. Never sorry to spend a little for quality. Their folding mirrors work, even at speed over rough stuff.

Next I modified my OEM U.S. right hand switch to have a on/off button for the OEM headlight. I did this with another push button from HDB. inexpensive and easy to do, avoiding buying the KTM switch at $80 or so.

My first night road test went awesome. After some preliminary height adjustments I went for a ride. The LEDs out performed the HID on my 450MXC. The light spread is wide, covering both sides of a two lane road well. Usable light out front goes to 200 meters in bright near white light. The dim mode got no flashing complaints from oncoming drivers. The two middle LEDs are spots and the two outer ones are wide angles. The combination is great for me. I will post some night time pics when I have a chance.

Blessed are we who have the privilege of time, money, and health to enjoy our two wheeled passions.
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