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Great bike.
couple of basics that you will find or need to check out.
1. dont idle the bike for any extended period of time. It will over heat.
2. Jd jet kit works wonders.
3. change the lower screen bolt to the aftermarket bolt that allows a socket to be used. Best $13 spent or whatever they cost
4. set sag. 04's have a top out spring so correct preload is important. google "golden rule of sag"
5. Chain tension. Take off shock. place swing arm in line with countershaft. allow for slight slack in chain. set axle blocks. put shock back on. this is your chain tension. too tight will cause wear to countershaft and csseal. It will look loose.
6. Use 1.2 ltrs oil when filters replaced. 1 ltr when just changing oil
7. put header guard by exhaust otherwise you'll hve a lot of holes in your pants

These are a couple of high points to help search for. as mentioned ktm talk is great for all this info as well as adv. There is tons of info about this bike. hopefully this will help get you looking in the right direction
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