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And then suddenly....
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Still no joy. I grant you that the first attempt from a hotel room in Morocco probably wasn't going to yield the best results, but even now I'm back on my home DSL here in Germany I still can't get any further.

I'm running an iPad 3 (the one before they decided to release the new one, 2 months after I bought it) with the last iOS that had google as the default map client and youtube preinstalled....

I'll keep trying....
I'm really not sure what it could be. My only guess would be that it may deal with the transfer from the US to Europe. But that is just a guess. We checked the server this weekend and all seemed fine. No issues with transfer rates. But we are looking into whether transfer overseas is effected at all.

Also, some of you have asked about file size. These magazines can get large (100-200MB). Especially when video is incorporated into them. We are looking at ways to minimize file size in future issues. So, although they will not be small in file size, they will be optimized as much as possible.
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