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Originally Posted by Les_Garten View Post
I have a Battery Charger question.

I have a PC925 in my Beemer.

I just put an Odyssey 31m-pc2150 in my Landcruiser. Big MoFo!

I'm looking for a good 40-50 Amp charger that will do AGM batteries well. It is confusing and I can't seem to find a good site addressing car chargers well.
Les, charger advertizing and promises of "hope" are as bad as oil additive snake oil ads. I am amazed what junk some of the well known charger manufacturers sell, and high priced at that.

We tested several chargers here at our Defense labs and the Xantrex TrueCharge 2 was by far the best. We bought a slew of them. And when I say "tested", we tested all aspects of them; current, voltages, temperature compensation, fault and alarm indications, etc.

They are available in various outputs. Note only the 20, 40 and 60 amp units can take a remote battery temperature sensor (most chargers put them in the charger ) and the remote panel enabling you to reduce the max current rate.

These aren't toys and as a result cost a few hundred dollars. But they do handle all types of batteries: FLA, AGM, GEL, Pb-Ca.

I have some pics here.

From the home of the plain old low-tech flooded lead acid battery, now in its 14th year and still starting my car at -20F.
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