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No, my stand does not have the square pad at the end of the foot. It looks just like the typical stand with curved feet with the rubber bumpers, and a cross support where the two springs mount. The only easily identifiable difference between this stand and others on my past airheads is how the springs attach. On this one they attach to a 21/2 ( or there abouts ) steel plate and that plate is hooked to the frame. That's also how it shows in the parts fiche. On all other stands I've seen, the springs hook directly to the frame. The only other difference is the tang coming off the side is longer.

On the G/S's and GS that I owned, I'd section one inch out of the centerstand, shortening it. This made it to where it took almost no effort to rock the bike up on the stand. It still kept the front wheel off the ground by 1/2 inch, allowing the tires to be removed if necessary. I did that for the reason mentioned, getting a 500 lb bike two inches into the air. On GS's it seemed even more.

I've never had a basic airhead that was so difficult.
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