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Nicholas Chan
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RD02 Carburetor replacement

Hello there,

I am the owner of a 1991 NX650 Dominator (RD02).

For the longest of time, my carburetor has been giving me an average mileage of 18KM/Litre (now it is 17KM/Litre). A few months back I loaned a carburetor from a friend of mine and saw my mileage jump to 22KM/Litre, with an occasional spike to 24KM/Litre. I had to return the carburetor after a month but with my existing carburetor getting worse and worse with each week, I am now trying to do 1 of 3 things:

1.) Locate a replacement carburetor on eBay (which I have had no luck on)
2.) Ask if anyone knows where to get a brand new RD02 carburetor
3.) Ask if there is a drop-in replacement carburetor

I would really any assistance/guidance on all 3 options, thanks!
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