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Originally Posted by Les_Garten View Post
Do you kow of a good website for this type of battery related stuff? Car batteries as well?
Not really. Magazine and web-based sites that do evaluations are shallow at best. Understandably since your average consumer couldn't argue any of the results.

Check out Battery University and the East Penn Technical Manual (AGM & Gel battery paper)

Originally Posted by Les_Garten View Post
What did you think of that CTEK charger?
For the money, its OK and no better or worse than anything else in that price range.

I brought both of my 3300 Multi US models in to our lab and had a Graphtec monitor voltage and current during charging. I never did see the float mode that is advertized. It goes to 14.3V (in normal battery mode), then shuts off and restarts at 12.5V which is my prefered method of charging. When I used a manual charger, I would monitor the voltage and when fully charged, disconnect it. When it self discharged over a few months to 12.6V, I would connect the charger again. That was for a battery out-of-vehicle. I use a HP DC supply at the moment (I'm the microprocessor and charging algorithm ).
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