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I have ridden cross country quite a few times and have experienced some bad cross winds. On I90 I saw a tractor trailer get flown across the medium and I have now learned that the gusts being invisible are completely random and that one's riding style can only do so much to protect oneself in these situations.

I have pulled off the road and hidden in a culvert, found an abandoned building to use as a wind-block and hidden under many an underpass (there are safety issues in doing this and never lift your face shield when vehicles are passing inside and once in the prairies ridden into a dry low ditch and stopped and leaned my bike agains the side of the windward side of the ditch.

I typically ride dual sports and find the bags and windshield make really good sails.

The overcorrection from gripping the bars too hard makes it worse/ I installed a Scott's Steering Stabilizer on my KTM 990 on a cross country trip in heavy cross winds the bike was much calmer.I am dreaming of the day when a Scott's is available for the Tenere.

My K1200GT handles better after I ditched the BMW top box and began using a soft bag. I always lower the windshield all the way in heavy wind.

If you are riding in big winds and don't have a gas gauge cut your normal range by 40%

I am glad you are all right
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