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Originally Posted by oilfieldtrash View Post
Love how old guys can never get over "the way it used to be". Pathetic!

I'm neither young nor old, 36, which bridges the gap fairly well. Today's athletes are absolutely amazing and would most likely dominate any generation in any sport. You may not like it, I may not like it (I'm actually indifferent, but I am in touch with reality), but it's just the way it is so get over it.

Oh and BTW, to the baby boomers (AKA the me generation) whose narcissism not only shines through in silly threads like this where you claim you guys used to be better at everything, I want to thank you for leaving the economy in shambles, the likes of which myself and my kids will pay for our entire lives. It truly is all about YOU isn't it!

Let's get the thread back on track and those who believe today's riders suck can start a thread about how good they are, how good they used to be, and how nobody will ever be as good as them.
Well, you nailed that one.
Only thing I will add is that we rise to the level of the competition, always. Or you are an also ran. That goes for all generations, those at the top of their generation would for the most part be close to the top of whatever generation they found themselves in. And you learn to ride whatever it is that is being ridden at the time.

Be sure that when those comments about about how the current crop couldn't ride those evil machines we used to ride or them old guys couldn't hold a candle to the talent now riding are merely trolling. Just ignore that crap.

I'm also neither young or old, however my youngest son is older than you.

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