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Originally Posted by akarob View Post
Got a ticket for violating a travel ban? I thought quads, motorcycles and snowmobiles were exempt.

We got a couple feet. My wife did ok with the snowblower, but she wasn't too happy about it. She didn't realize that it was so much work wrestling it around. I did my share cleaning off cars and whatever else I could. One of my trees broke and knocked out my power but the crews got it hooked back up Saturday evening. Those guys are awesome.

Tomorrow is my big day. It's outpatient, so you guys don't have to worry about bringing me flowers or anything. It'll be quite a while before I ride the loop again. I can probably ride easy stuff in a couple months, but a fall would be very bad. I'll stick to piloting the pumpkin mothership for a while. Oh, and since I won't be riding all the time, ill can use my time to finally get that CR500 rebuilt. Can't wait.
Good luck! I go in next Wed. I'de offer you guys my services for helping out but I'll be done myslef for a while.
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