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Originally Posted by Starbuck21 View Post
Most of the small Hondas you mention are decades old. It is very doubtful you will find one in good shape in Mexico unless it has been brought down by an American!

That said though, small scooters are VERY popular in Mexico. Pick up a newer small Honda scooter or less known brand and ride the cr*p out of it. Better fuel economy, better storage and parts availability, all pluses for you to consider a true scooter. Good luck.
Well in my mind being decades old is often a plus so I don't mind that. They were pretty much entirely mechanical and therefore easy to understand and repair with no sensors, sending units, control modules etc. that keep you having to go back to the dealer!

Somewhere on here I read of a fella who had bought an older model as I described here and rebuilt it part as hobby part as necessity. I think he also had two. One he used as the first was being rebuilt. He later discovered that because of the cheap labour and cheap parts he was able to buy an old scooter that was beat up and completely rebuild it for the cost of an old scooter that was in much better shape not requiring a rebuild. After he was done he had virtually a new machine at half the cost of buying a better condition one.

There are some down sides to buying a newer model. Now keep in mind I'm not up do date with scooters as I have never been a scooter guy.......always full size bikes. But I don't believe the new scooters get the fuel economy of the old ones unless I am misinformed. The old ones of the type I specified will consistently deliver 100-120 miles to the gallon. Not sure if the new ones will do that or not. I'm thinking close to that but not quite. The other down side to the newer scooters as I see it is tire size, they are too small for road use to handle well. I'd prefer the old 17 inch size that is the most common tire size in the world and therefor easy to find and cheap to buy. And seeing as I have this ridiculous idea to tour on it I'd like a taller larger machine if that's doable without going into a bigger machine.

Small bikes are popular in Mexico but it boils down to affordability. They are the cheapest vehicle there is to buy new and they get good fuel economy vs. a four wheel cage.

All of the scooters that I have seen made today in the 110 cc and smaller category are too small for me to have any comfort on as I stand 6'2'' tall and weigh in around 210lbs and I hate riding with my knees up around my chest!

A note on my KLR, I've always loved it and each time I get on it I think "what a capable little machine" as it does everything. Problem is as I'm getting older the KLR is becoming too heavy for me to pick up. That's why I'm getting rid of it as a daily rider for something smaller like the older scooters. I especially like the CT90 and 110 models with the dual range tranny for off pavement trail riding and they do it well. They do everything except highway very well and for that I will still have the Concours with no chain to have to maintain. Most highways in Mexico are just as good as at home here in the USA and Canada so the Connie will be well suited for weekend touring. I bought the Connie with only 4500 kms on it and I have less money in it than the KLR so it's a no brainer for me.

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