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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
That corner is tricky, a few people have burned in there. If you read the tree line, it looks like the road keeps going straight but ends up being a chicane of sorts with a slight elevation change. I always remind myself to start slowing down after the little culvert jump/hump in the straight away. So many roads to memorize

It's been three years since I raced BRS, can't believe it's been that long. I hope to race a car there this year in the Rallysolo class, if not I'll ride the bike again I guess. Well, unless Unadilla is the same weekend again

Oooh me, me! Haha, I remembered it last year. I slowed down after the guys sitting at that small jump in the straightaway. I wasn't taking any chances that time. My poor leg still aches when it rains. That was the sweetest bruise ever though.

I hope it's not the same weekend. I missed you guys! :(
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