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There are two aspects to this.

1...I like the repetition of ideas and writing the needed answers out most of the time. Part of that is helping somebody but I also realized some years ago that I learn and become better by explaining stuff. It's how I learn. It makes for a better understanding if I can explain it.

2...The machines are coming. They will run the World. Google is aptly named when called a Search Engine. It is a machine and a very important part of the Ultimate Machine, The Brain. If not Google then there will be a Brain that runs all the machines. You can not stop this and I can not stop this. It's Technology and it always wins because our values have only one standard. The standard to the operating of all human endevor is the making of profit. It rules every aspect of our lives. Even something that should be Non-Profit is not. What is that? The Government! The Government is into making a profit. They work only for the rich and the Machines work only for the rich and by the time they realize that they are just another human that the Machines don't need it will be too late.

Cars are Now being built that can drive themselves. You will own one of these, some of you are already looking for one. It will drive itself on the freeway. In five (5) years a new generation of cars and trucks will be able to do this from point A to point B with out a human.

With in ten (10) years the machines will be capable of thinking. They will not be stoppable. They already are not stoppable.

But yes I enjoy my time on the Internet. So please continue to ask and talk about the same things. We sometimes learn something new and along the way we keep some of these older, non-thinking, machines alive.

I hope I haven't digressed too far but I've enjoyed this thread and hope you keep us up to date.
Never memorize something you can look up.
---Albert Einstein

Pay your debt, piratejohn.
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