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Thanks for that suggestion, dwoodward. I do have an email from them that I cancelled my services. It is due for renewal in a couple weeks, we shall see. It's one of the reasons I didn't want to screw around with it for to long.
Seems with the inReach it is monthly billing that you can suspend or cancel every month. I like that better. Reactivating my Spot1 device and trying it out long enough to see if that fixes my problem would cost me a whole years service. The $ wouldn't keep me from eating three square meals a day but does reward their business model and "not my concern" customer service. Only way I can see to make them take notice is vote with my wallet.
Might just be the work ethic passed to me by my parents or the way I run my own affairs but it really bothers me. Of course the major issue is not being able to trust the service. Even looked at as a toy when it doesn't work as planned for a couple days through a certain area or time frame can lead to problems. Think wives or employers ect wondering if he is hurt bad or goofing off ect. I use it in work situations as well. Kinda like a crazy "spell check induced" message only it could take days to clear up. inReach lets you know if the message was received because of the two way aspect. Two way texts as well. No confusion. Instead of .4 watts I think it is 1.6 watts and a multidirectional antenna. There is some other competition for them as well. I'll see what the next couple weeks brings.
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