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Originally Posted by ten.98 View Post
Destroyed my stock instrument cluster while on an enduro ride this weekend. Looks like the stock replacement is around $330. Also looking at the trail tech voyager as a possible replacement. Would save me about $50. Has anyone else put one of these on their 690 yet? It doesn't look like they make a model specific version, which would mean you would have to run separate leads for all of the monitoring and bypass the stock wiring harness. Not sure how I feel about that. Also, I'm guessing theres no low fuel indicator or Fault Indicator lamp access as well.

The FI I'm not as concerned about, but lack of LFI would be troubling. Anyone know if there's a way to rig a separate LFI lamp outside of the stock instrument cluster?

I wouldn't waste the money on the Voyager, just get the Vapor.
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