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Originally Posted by Aah5 View Post
Educate me, what is it about a Bobber that makes it so attractive?

I can understand Cafe Racers & Street Trackers, the stripping unnecessary items and modifying to improve performance and handling is Ok by me, I see lots of good looking ones on the road.

The act of cutting up of a bike and removing rear suspension, chopping fenders off, replacing the seat with a board, fitting fat oversize tires and generally stuffing up the ergonomics and handling just leaves me shaking my head.

Nothing in the slightest attractive with these, dare I call, 'bikes'.
Back in the "day" a bobber was the equivelant of today's cafe racer or street tracker. Like todays styling exercises they started out as a street bike modified for racing.

And a lot of people like that "performance" look. Of course carried to the extreme, all of these bobbers, cafe, and trackers lose sight of their original panache.
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