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Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
The bigger question to me is if the Terra/Strada are actually money makers or only good sellers partially due to their pricing.
It's a great bike at a very reasonable price. Certainly price plays a part ... but a crap bike will fade fast. Looks like the Terra/Strada are KEEPERS.

Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
Assuming they can source the numerous BMW parts bin components. Are they currently priced at a realistic and profitable level or priced to get them into the market?
Not many parts come from BMW bins far as we can tell.

The newly up graded Terra/Strada motors were re-designed in either Berlin or Italy ...but ultimately built in China (Loncin).
Most electronics are probably Japanese (F.I. CDI et al) mostly likely Denso or Keihin), wheels? probably DID, Behr or Excel, frame? probably built in either Loncin or Italy under BMW supervision.

Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
Why was the X-Challenge a $9000 bike in 2007?
More importantly ... why was it "closed out" at the fire sale price of $6500 a year or so later? (nearly bought one!)

Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
Why are the similar yet long in the tooth (design long paid for) 650 GS's $7900 and Sertao $8700.
The price difference between the GS/Sertao even questions if the basic GS is a loser or break even bike to hook new customers.
Main answer about price is one word: C H I N A
But it's true, the GS series are sort of "loss leaders" for BMW with the goal of bringing in new BMW acolytes. Because of Made In China, they still make a profit.
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